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Unlock the hidden potential in your supply chain. With UPS Capital® shipping insurance you don’t have to worry about what could go wrong, complex logistics, or less than stellar customer reviews. Instead, you can relax knowing your shipments are covered so you can put your supply chain to work while growing your business. Welcome to the brighter side of your supply chain.

Start Thinking About Your Supply Chain For The Right Reasons.

Get rid of the stress and find your competitive edge.

Happy Shipping

Delays, porch piracy, and losses don’t have to lead to unhappy customers. When your shipments are covered, you can keep your customers happy by expediting* a new shipment without worrying about the cost.

Quick Claim Payments

We understand the stress of claims and having to wait forever for payment. That’s why UPS Capital Online makes it easy to submit and view your claims, with most paid in 4 days or less. Plus, we cover the full sale value so you can keep your cash flowing.

Flexible Policies

We offer multi-carrier, multi-modal options to ensure you have the coverage you need. And, our solutions make it easy to establish business rules to streamline coverage and take the guesswork out of the process.

Change your supply chain from a pain to a gain.

UPS Capital has the insurance solutions and support you need to help overcome shipping obstacles and reach the brighter side of your supply chain.

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Don’t let loss and damage claims keep you stressed with logistics nightmares. It’s time to relax, focus on what you’re passionate about, and harness the power of your supply chain. Get in touch and leave it all to us.

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