Tips to Reduce Losses

Here’s how you can help reduce the risks of porch piracy and fraud.
Why it matters: Losses add up for your business and can hurt your bottom line.

What you can do: Share these tips with your customer service, sales and logistics teams to help reduce your losses.

Preventing Porch Piracy

  • Require an adult signature for high-value deliveries.
  • Suggest carrier delivery apps like UPS My Choice® to help customers manage delivery preferences.
  • Coordinate delivery schedules with your receiver so they can be home.
  • Consider protecting all shipments so that you’re covered in the event of a loss.

Fighting Fraud

  • Validate the buyer’s card address matches where shipments are being sent.
  • Check data for anomalies like larger than average orders or unusual locations.
  • Flag multiple failed attempts to purchase prior to a passing authorization.

Make sure you have all the necessary protection programs in place across all your vendors. Shipping insurance is a great place to start.