Expected growth of the aftermarket: 3.4% 20141

More and more people are keeping their cars longer. As a result, distributors, manufacturers and retailers have seen a spike in the demand for aftermarket parts, accessories, and services. And, with millions of dollars of inventory being shipped on a daily basis, it is vital for businesses to generate a steady cash flow. The decline in available credit and the rising costs of raw materials and labour, bring financial challenges for companies across the value chain.

Since automotive production is increasing across the globe, supply chains are getting longer and involve more players, countries or territories and modes of transportation. This makes it more challenging to reduce risk, making it even more difficult to bounce back from unplanned disruptions.

The automotive industry faces challenges as varied as the products that need to be transported. Rely on UPS Capital® to fine-tune every link of your supply chain with our products and services, proven experience and logistics capabilities.

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