Two Ways to Help Protect the Integrity of Your High-Value Healthcare Shipments

Never underestimate the impact of losing a shipment — whether you’re facing complete loss, spoilage, or delay

For healthcare companies in particular, the potential for financial loss is magnified when transporting high-value products like time-sensitive cancer medications, temperature-sensitive vaccines, and expensive devices like MRI equipment and pacemakers. The margin for error is slim, and your logistics decisions may impact your bottom line.

Losses associated with temperature excursions alone in the healthcare industry are estimated at $35 billion. Here are two ways to help control the integrity and security of your high-value goods.

1. Insist on expert, round-the-clock monitoring.

The possibility for risk or delay is everywhere. Pharma products from Asia could have longer lead-times, exposing the shipments to unforeseen delays and conditions. New defibrillators inadvertently misclassified on a form get stuck in customs. Temperature-sensitive drugs could be compromised by carrier delays or packaging failures.

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