Protection from porch piracy = happy customers

UPS Capital has your shipments covered

Missing. Lost. Porch pirates. These aren’t words you want to see when it comes to your shipments. According to research by UPS Capital® Insurance Agency, Inc.,1 in 2021, 74% of consumers reported lost or damaged packages and 12% reported porch piracy theft.

Why the rise in porch piracy?

E-commerce accelerated during the pandemic, with no signs of slowing down. According to Statista,2 Consumers spent more than $4.28 trillion in e-commerce marketplaces in 2020, and this is expected to grow by nearly 50% by 2024. More shipments in transit means more risks and more chances for packages to be lost, damaged or porch pirated.

37% of consumers claim that they are unlikely to buy from an SMB again if they experience issues in the shipping process, there’s a lot on the line from the time your business receives an order until the package is in the hands of the customer. However, there are also more opportunities for your business to create a seamless delivery experience and provide exceptional customer service in the event something goes wrong.

What can you do to mitigate the risk of porch piracy?

By covering your shipments with InsureShield™ shipping insurance by UPS Capital Insurance Agency, Inc., you can reship or refund with more confidence. That way, you can take steps to protect your customer’s packages, while also protecting your business reputation and customer relationships.

You can easily access coverage through:

  • The UPS Capital website
  • The InsureShield™ App for Shopify® merchants
  • Customizing a solution using the InsureShield™ InstaQuote tool
  • With our easy-to-use online claims portal, you work directly with our team when you file a claim, rather than going through the carrier. And, most claims are paid within 5 days* helping make the claims process efficient for both you and your customers.

    Watch this video to hear first-hand from Britany Peay, a Business Development Associate at UPS Capital as she explains how her customers have seen an increase in porch piracy and how their UPS Capital Insurance Agency, Inc. policy allows their shipments to be covered, resulting in happy customers!

    1. Unless otherwise noted, all statistics used herein are derived from or based on information contained in the 2021 Post Shipment Experience Study, which is a blind study of 1,000 consumers aged 18+ and 896 SMBs conducted by Evaluserve between March and April of 2021, on behalf of UPS Capital.

    2. Retail and e-commerce sales worldwide from 2014-2025, Statista

    * Figures are based on aggregate insurance claim payment data collected by UPS Capital Insurance Agency, Inc. during the last 12 months. Individual results may vary.

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