Managing Risk: How Do You Keep Your Healthcare Packages Secure?

No business is immune to risk in the supply chain, and in healthcare — where a delayed or damaged shipment can render critical samples or medications unusable — it’s a particular point of concern

Only 63 percent of healthcare executives interviewed for UPS’s Pain in the Chain survey reported success in addressing product protection issues. What’s more, a whopping 74 percent of supply chain executives say they have no formal mitigation plan in place, according to another study by UPS.

For healthcare companies, your strategy for keeping your products — and your bottom line — safe should cover multiple aspects of your supply chain, from your approach to packaging to what you choose to insure. Here are a few ways — some representing technology’s cutting edge — that your business can help protect its products as they travel to their final destinations.

Consider RFID Tags

RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology allows businesses to track shipments as they move along the supply chain. Whether placed on a pallet, individual package, or even an individual vial, it helps boost overall visibility by providing location information and allowing for a more detailed picture of a business’s inventory.

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