Turn Losses into Wins with Customizable Shipping Insurance

Losing a customer, losing a shipment, or losing revenue is never a good feeling – especially for a small to medium-sized business. What can be even more frustrating is when these things happen through no fault of your own and are the result of a mistake in the handling or delivery of the package you prepared for your customer. Whether you are responsible or not, customers will look to you, the merchant, to help right the wrong when they have issues with a shipment.

Despite what the negative reviews attest, not every negative experience is your fault nor your responsibility. Shipment delays, delivery difficulties, improper handling, and mis-deliveries can result from issues with the mailing and shipping companies. But, when the package does not have shipping or order protection, the carrier and mailing companies can turn a blind eye to the problem – which sends the customer back to you looking for an answer to a potential lose-lose situation.

When customers can elect to add protection for their orders, both you and your customers can worry less about the delivery. According to a recent research report, 95% of merchants surveyed were interested in offering customers the option of protecting their packages at checkout in the event of loss, theft, or damage. The same study also noted that 65% of consumers surveyed wanted the option to add shipping insurance themselves for specific online orders. Customers and merchants can both have a winning coverage experience with InsureShield® protection, now available through a Shopify® app.

The InsureShield® App for Shopify allows merchants to set rules or preferences for coverage to protect all, or some, of their Shopify orders based on order value, SKU or geography. And now there’s even more flexibility though the App with checkout cart protection, which gives consumers more control of their shipping experience. For around 1% of the value of the goods, consumers can elect protection at cart checkout for their order. When consumers can elect shipping protection for their orders, both merchants and consumers have more flexibility. In the event the consumer doesn’t elect protection, merchants can set a rule to cover shipments just in case.

The option to provide shipping insurance enables merchants to more confidently reship goods or reimburse customers, which makes everyone happier. When customers get their goods or a credit and merchants aren’t out-of-pocket for lost or damaged shipments, that’s a win-win.

For more information on shipping insurance solutions that help protect your customer experience, visit upscapital.com.

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