C.O.D. – An Oldie but Goodie

C.O.D. options from UPS Capital help small businesses manage risk.
What’s the story: While C.O.D. is an older method to collect payments, it is still a tried-and-true option for managing payment risk. C.O.D. Delayed Deposit uses a safe, secure technology-based solution that allows shippers to manage the timing of when their customers’ checks are deposited.

Why it matters: Sometimes your customers may not be ready for you to deposit their check. This option provides flexible timing for the deposit of individual checks and several other features including:
  • Email notifications that alert you of new C.O.D. checks awaiting deposit
  • Secure web access for viewing check images and managing deposits
  • Daily electronic reports providing reconciliation of C.O.D. activity and advance notice of scheduled deposits and returned items
  • An option for automatic second presentation of dishonored checks
  • Automatic daily deposit of funds
  • Reduced bank fees associated with check processing
  • Use of one UPS® account to manage all checks
Other C.O.D. options enhance the standard timing of UPS check deposits. Check out other options offered through UPS Capital.
COD Deposits Timed Right