Coverage for critical shipments

Insured shipping and sophisticated monitoring to anticipate and avoid problems before they happen.

Make unpredictable supply chain disruptions more manageable.

What happens if a high-value shipment of vaccines is at risk for a temperature excursion? Two degrees Celsius is all it takes to compromise the product, leading to reduced profitability. That's why our industry-first solution pairs a sophisticated monitoring engine with a team of dedicated logistics experts to anticipate problems, intervene, and take corrective action long before you realize the shipment is going to be late, lost or stolen—all for one flat fee per package. Can your standard transportation carrier do all that?

As your end-to-end partner, we'll help you mitigate the expense of product loss, improve your customers' experience, and protect your brand's reputation.

Plan for potential issues with proven solutions.

When shipments move through the UPS® network, we have higher, continuous visibility into the supply chain allowing us to monitor every step of its journey 24/7/365. If a risk is identified, or if a shipment can't be delivered as scheduled, we'll respond to near real-time alerts with proactive measures based on your predefined instructions. Our dedicated logistics experts are prepared to:

  • Attempt a same-day redelivery if the first attempt is unsuccessful
  • Re-route your shipment to an alternate address
  • Return a shipment to the shipper before the first delivery attempt
  • Hold a shipment at Will Call for pickup by the receiver
  • Deliver on Saturday so that your shipment isn't held over the weekend
  • Refrigerate or replenish dry ice for temperature-sensitive shipments
  • Utilize UPS Express Critical® service, which places your shipment on the next flight out, with no out-of-pocket expenses

Get automatic insurance coverage for unforeseen costs.

You're protected from the additional costs of recovery procedures including expediting packages, refrigerating or replenishing dry ice for temperature-sensitive shipments, upgrading delayed critical shipments with next flight or same-day delivery—with no extra fees or claim-filing processes. We also offer coverage for damages or losses caused by weather delays or mechanical issues, typically not protected with standard carrier liability. In the unlikely event a delivery is missed, the merchandise value up to the sales price is reimbursed.

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Texas Precious Metals®: Easing the anxieties of high-value shipments.

Entrusted with large sums of customer money, Texas Precious Metals was seeking a way to reduce risk and provide customers true peace of mind. What they found with UPS Proactive Response Secure transformed their business and eased both their clients' anxieties and their own.

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