Global Asset-Based Lending

Secure working capital by leveraging offshore-warehoused inventory and goods in-transit.

Secure working capital earlier in your supply chain.

Whether you need to expand your product line or make a strategic acquisition, you need financial flexibility to take advantage of long-term investments that otherwise may not be affordable. Any traditional bank can lend against domestic receivables. But, UPS Capital Global Asset-Based Lending lets you borrow against your offshore-warehoused or in-transit goods, as well as domestic receivables and inventory to secure a committed revolving line of credit and improve your company’s liquidity.

Increase Liquidity.

You can utilize more of your inventory as collateral and can typically get better terms than traditional asset-based lenders will allow because of the enhanced visibility and control our UPS network can provide.

Surpass the capabilities of banks or financial providers.

By broadening the borrowing base to include foreign goods in transit and held inventory overseas, you have access to additional liquidity and flexibility. Generally, we may advance up to 50% of the inventory and up to 85% on receivables. And, since you can get access to funds earlier in your supply chain, you can improve supplier relationships and create gains that can be passed onto your customers.

Eligibility Checklist
You may qualify for Global Asset-Based Lending from UPS Capital if your business:

  • Is U.S.-based
  • Imports finished goods or certain raw materials
  • Generates annual revenues of at least $10 million
  • The goods to be collateralized move within the UPS network

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