Flexible Parcel
Multi-Carrier Coverage

Even if you use multiple carriers, you can still insure all your small package shipments under one simple policy.

Insure shipments from multiple carriers under one simplified policy.

If you use multiple carriers, managing several insurance policies can end up being time-consuming, expensive and just plain ineffective. With Flexible Parcel Multi-Carrier Coverage, you can insure all your small package shipments under one simple policy, regardless of your approved transportation carrier(s). There are no upfront costs or premiums. You just choose which shipments to insure and their insurable values and pay as you go. And since your shipping and insurance are seamlessly integrated, your insured values are automatically captured when your shipping information is submitted.

Features you can count on with every level of coverage.

  • Multi-Carrier capability—Insure all your small package shipments with one policy, regardless of the transportation carrier(s) used1
  • Simplified billing with transactional charges incorporated on your UPS Statement2
  • Select coverage at the time of shipping with no upfront cost or deposits
  • Insurance selection integrated with standard shipping systems minimizing effort
  • Fast claims resolution
  • Dedicated customer service
  • Ability to cover domestic inbound, outbound, freight collect and third-party shipments as well as international outbound shipments
  • BasicCovers loss and damage to goods in transit up to the full retail sales price and not just the value of the item like most standard carrier programs.
  • ExpandedCovers consequential losses including hard-to-value items that are not eligible with declared value.

Expect faster claims with fewer holdups.

Should you need to file a claim, you can rest easy knowing you’re covered up to the full retail sales price, not just the value of the item. Plus, you can get paid faster because you only have to deal with one provider and your claim settlement is based on policy terms and conditions rather than carrier decision.

Need more information?

  1. Multi-Carrier coverage currently only available for shippers utilizing V-Technologies StarShip software. Not available for FedEx SmartPost® Service.
  2. Multi-Carrier charges appear on a separate UPS Capital bill.

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