Continuous Customs Bonds

One bond covers your imports and speeds up customs clearance for a whole year.

Cover all your imports with a single continuous Customs bond.

There’s no getting around it. When you import commercial goods into the United States, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) requires that all importers post financial security. While the importer can post cash, the preferred security is a Customs bond. The Customs bond guarantees U.S. Customs and Border Protection will receive payment of duties and fees and the importer will comply with Customs regulations. Import frequently, through various ports? A continuous Customs bond covers all your entries for the entire year and you only have to pay one flat fee per transaction.

By purchasing your continuous Customs bond through UPS, you get a single-service source for surety bonds, shipment tracking, reporting, fraud protection, and customer service support to keep your import activity running smoothly.

Speed your shipments through customs with fewer surprises.
  • Regular updates on U.S. Customs and border protection trends and violations, such as increased duty bills, liquidated damage, etc.
  • Assistance with Customs bond violations to file protests or petitions and mitigate customs claims
  • Daily monitoring of bond sufficiency to support compliance with complex customs regulations
  • Experienced customer service team to handle bond renewal, accurate and timely bond filing and Customs updates such as address and name changes
  • Streamlined underwriting process

Keep up with your Customs activity.

We offer a wide range of reporting tools that keep you informed of your Customs clearance activity—including a fraud protection service that alerts you of unauthorized use of your importer number. Should your shipment get delayed in Customs, we notify you of the issue, while our customer service team provides the necessary course of action to resolve the matter quickly and easily.