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Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance protects your shipments. It also protects your reputation and your bottom line.

Frustrated by unpaid freight claims?

Unpredictable events like damage, loss and delay can hurt your bottom line and your reputation. Especially if you are relying on declared value or the carrier’s liability to cover your loss. Declaring value is fine for some shippers but if you want real peace of mind and fewer headaches, choose cargo insurance.

Protect your company and reputation with a cargo insurance policy through UPS Capital.

  • Customizable policies protect in-transit shipments and warehoused goods against loss, damage or delay with higher coverage limits than most standard carrier liability offerings
  • Worldwide coverage regardless of transportation carrier or shipping mode — land, ocean or air
  • Coverage for concealed damage, expediting expenses, general average losses and more
  • Coverage up to the invoice value of your goods
  • Extended coverage for freight-collect and third-party shipments
  • Reimbursement for perishable and time-sensitive goods up to the full retail value if goods spoil due to late delivery
  • Quick claims processing

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company at risk?


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Knowing the differences between an all-risk cargo
insurance policy, declared value and carrier liability can
take the frustration out of transportation claims.

Cargo Insurance through UPS Capital

  • Claim settlement based on real valuation (Ex. invoice value + freight costs)

  • Consistent and reliable protection for all carriers, all modes

  • Coverage for all risks1

  • No need to prove fault or liability on the part of the carrier

  • Coverage is door-to-door, regardless of how many carriers are used

  • 90 days to uncover concealed damage and still file a claim2

  • Coverage for additional expenses incurred to expedite a replacement shipment due to loss or damage
  • Claims commonly resolved within 7–10 business days

Declared Value/Carrier Liability

  • Claim settlement based on weight of the shipment, package count or invoice value (if declared and agreed to by the carrier for a higher freight rate)
  • You must know the terms of service for each carrier and mode, including the liability offered, exemptions and exceptions
  • Carrier may be exempt of liability for acts of God, strikes, civil commotion and other risks covered by insurance
  • Carrier may use multiple defenses to deny claims, and without establishing carrier liability there is no recovery
  • A claim may need to be filed against each carrier individually, depending upon how the shipment is structured
  • Once bill of lading is signed, without exception, claims may be complicated and subject to onerous time frames
  • No coverage liability for expediting expenses

  • Claims against carriers can be lengthy, often requiring expensive and protracted litigation

Learn more about the big differences between declared value, carrier liability and real cargo insurance.

Choose the insurance option that’s just right for
how, what and where you ship.

Need an all-risk cargo
insurance policy?

Get multi-modal, multi-carrier protection in a policy that’s structured for your unique business. We’ll work with you on everything from modes and lanes to packaging solutions, so you can be sure you’re covered.

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Need coverage for a
single shipment?

If you don’t ship regularly or need occasional protection for your freight shipments, transactional coverage is available. Simply contact us prior to shipment and we will get you a quote.

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Only need coverage for your small package shipments?

With Flexible Parcel Insurance, you select coverage at the time of shipping with no upfront costs. Coverage is integrated with standard shipping systems and charges are incorporated in your UPS® statement.

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Still unsure of what type of coverage you need? Find the best option for your business.

We’ve cut our losses, we’re saving money and the amount of back-office work is dramatically reduced. The best part is we can send replacement rugs to our customers immediately.

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90% of shippers routinely use carrier liability/declared value. Virtually none of them understand how it works.

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I never thought I’d have a truck and a ship burst into flames. But sometimes it’s just out of your control. Without cargo insurance, it would have been a complete loss. We’d have been out nearly a million dollars.

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From cargo insurance to alternative financing, we’ve got customer stories and insights that won’t put you to sleep.

1. Insurance coverage exclusions apply.
2. 90 days provided standard in CargoEdge® policies offered through UPS Capital Insurance Agency, Inc.

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