UPS Capital Cargo Finance®

Maximize your purchasing power.

Growing a business can take a toll on cash flow. You want to buy more inventory and hire more staff, but your working capital is tied up in your supply chain. With UPS Capital Cargo Finance, you can borrow against your in-transit inventory on an unsecured transactional basis.

Typically, lenders aren't willing to take on the risk of financing in-transit inventory on an unsecured basis. As a logistics company, we have the visibility and control necessary to provide financing.

Turn our advance funding into your advantage.

With quicker access to funding, you can pay your suppliers earlier to improve relationships and get the best trade credit terms possible. Oftentimes, suppliers will lower the cost of goods, giving you the ability to increase inventory orders and potential sales volume with greater financial security.

Cargo Finance at a Glance:
  • Credit line from $300,000 to $1,500,000
  • Advance rates up to 100% of your supplier's commercial invoice
  • Payment terms up to 90 days
  • Unsecured lines of credit

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4Moms®: A 360° customer experience can begin with strollers.

As 4Moms products grew in popularity, they wanted to quickly invest more in their inventory. But, as a young, growing company they found it nearly impossible to get any sort of financing outside of equity financing. That is until they heard about UPS Capital Cargo Finance. It provided the short-term cash flow solution they needed to meet manufacturing and supplier demands and compete effectively worldwide.

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