UPS Capital Cargo Finance®

The best-kept alternative-financing secret that can accelerate your cash-conversion cycle.

Now you can turn your in-transit inventory into working capital.

If your business relies on importing goods, you know how much stress the extended cash-conversion cycle can put on your ability to grow. Your overseas suppliers can demand a large deposit or 100% prepayment before shipping the goods. But it may take 45 days to receive and sell your goods, then another 30–60 days to collect from customers. Your cash can be untouchable for 75+ days, which makes it hard to buy new inventory to fulfill new orders. It’s a vicious cycle.

The best-kept secret in alternative financing for inventory

One of your company’s biggest assets — and one you may overlook — is your in-transit inventory. Wouldn't it be great if you could turn that inventory into working capital by financing imports? With UPS Capital Cargo Finance, you can keep production going with a business shipment loan.

Here’s how it works: Upon approval, we’ll lend against the commercial invoice amount of your in-transit or overseas inventory, with no collateral required. Pricing and contract terms are simple and reasonable. And payment terms match up ideally to enhance your cash conversion cycle. With a cargo loan against in-transit goods, you have the working capital to buy more inventory, fulfill more orders and create a healthier company capital structure. Try getting that from a traditional bank or lender.

Cargo Finance at a Glance:
  • Business credit lines from $300,000–$1.5 million
  • Advance rates of up to 100% of your supplier’s commercial invoice
  • Payment terms of up to 90 days
  • Unsecured lines of credit

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Cargo Finance Process

With UPS Capital Cargo Finance, WD® Music Products no longer sings the blues.

WD Music’s cash used to be tied up in in-transit inventory. It would take months between procuring the goods and getting paid. UPS Capital provided an alternative financing solution to balance cash flow, helping WD Music expand. Learn the secret.

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