Solutions for your entire business

Trust UPS Capital to insure your goods, improve your cash flow and protect your bottom line.

Protect Your Goods

A lost, damaged or delayed delivery can result in revenue loss and a ruined reputation. That’s why we offer a wide range of insurance products to help avoid delays and protect your bottom line in the unlikely event of a disruption.

Insure Specialty Shipments

Not all goods are the same. And some won’t be covered by standard carrier tariffs. Leverage our expertise in insuring unique commodities such as luxury jewelry, loose gem stones and wine to wring the worry out of shipping safety.

Improve Cash Flow

Growing a business can put a huge strain on cash flow. We offer financing to help conserve cash, meet day-to-day business costs and expand to new markets.

Protect Your Business

To help you reach more buyers with confidence, we offer payment products and services that can reduce your exposure to credit risk, speed up your cash flow, and minimize customs roadblocks.

Accept Payments Securely

Customers want the flexibility to pay the way they want to pay. You want to boost sales and build loyalty. Our fast, secure, reliable payment solutions can help you do both.

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