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Parcel Pro — A UPS Capital Company

Protecting high-value goods from your hands to your customers'.

How much do you really know about shipping luxury goods, and mitigating the risks that go with it?

Any time you ship goods, theft and loss are always a concern. But if you ship high-value luxury items like jewelry, loose stones and watches, those risks can be magnified. That's why more and more businesses like yours are turning to Parcel Pro. We're experts in navigating the challenges and risks that come with shipping high-value luxury goods.

So, we have to ask, how effectively are you shipping high-value items? How confident are you that your goods will arrive safely and securely, precisely where they need to be?

Find out by taking our High-Value Goods Quiz. Ten questions, and just a few minutes, to see if your high-value items are being shipped and protected properly.

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