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$480 Billion spent online in 2019The way consumers shop and interact with brands has evolved and omni-channel retailing is drastically changing the retail landscape. Consumers don’t just want a brick-and-mortar store or an online experience—they need both. In the new omni-channel shopping environment, consumers may visit a physical store in-person to see and feel the product, but then go home to buy online. Or, buy online and either pick up from or return to a store. As a result of these shifts in shopping behavior, retailers are going beyond traditional business models to thrive in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Omni-channel retailing creates a huge opportunity to drive sales growth domestically and overseas, but it has its challenges. Serving many different customers all over the world results in a complex global network of customers, retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers. And with so many moving parts, the risk of costly disruptions is high. To build a more resilient supply chain, companies can protect their shipments against loss or damage anywhere in the world, regardless of their carrier with UPS Capital Cargo Insurance. For small package protection, Flexible Parcel Insurance offers a variety of coverage options for higher-value goods and time and temperature sensitive items.

And while there’s no question investing in omni-channel pays off, the initial dollars must come from somewhere. UPS Capital Cargo Finance can help. This innovative financing solutions allow companies to borrow against goods moving through their supply chain to increase liquidity and secure working capital.

Another issue facing retailers is the ability to securely accept payments made in-store and online. Customers today demand safe, convenient ways to pay whether it’s with credit cards, debit cards, gift cards. Offering these options is critical to reach the broadest market you can. That’s why UPS Capital® offers UPS Capital® Merchant Services. Retailers can accept multiple forms of payment to increase customer satisfaction and boost revenue. These solutions can protect a retailer’s revenue and reputation.

Today’s retailers have to stay one step ahead to meet the constantly changing tastes of customers. UPS Capital has high-quality products and services that can help keep up with the latest industry trends so you can maximize opportunities.

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WD Music’s cash used to be tied up in in-transit inventory. It would take months between procuring the goods and getting paid. UPS Capital provided an alternative financing solution to balance cash flow, helping WD Music expand. Learn the secret.

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