Professional Services

The paper has no value. But what’s on it sure does. Insurance services protect against loss, delay and damage.

For law firms, real estate agencies, financial services companies and other professional services, getting documents delivered on time, every time, is critical. Take mortgage closing documents. If they aren’t delivered by a specific day, the loan amounts and interest payments have to be recalculated and the closing has to be postponed. This can result in losses, delays and potentially lead to the collapse of a deal. What’s more, standard transportation carriers only provide coverage for the value of the item, and only if the item is lost or stolen. So, for documents where the value is on the paper and not the paper itself, the consequences of a delay, is often significant.

To get packages to the right place at the right time for clients, shippers in the professional services industry rely on UPS Proactive Response® Secure. This one-of-a-kind protection comes with a team of dedicated, around-the-clock customer service representatives to monitor time-sensitive shipments 24 hours a day. Plus, in the unlikely event of a disruption, Flexible Parcel Insurance (Expanded coverage) protects against costly consequences, such as reconstructing documents or interest on a late payment and covers items that are excluded from declared value (e.g., the face value of phone cards). No standard carrier liability program provides this level of protection.

UPS Capital® understands a businesses’ reputation and financial well-being depends on how sensitive documents are handled every step of the way. That’s why we offer a full menu of affordable protection options that creates value and goes beyond on-time delivery.

Alston & Bird®: Logistics makes your law practice more productive

Alston & Bird, a national AmLaw 50 firm employing more than 800 attorneys, ships out hundreds of urgent legal documents on a daily basis. See how our technologies and solutions help ensure they arrive on time without surprises.

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