Claims Filing Guidelines

Step 1: Report issues immediately.
Quickly reporting claims can help improve recovery of the items.
Step 2. Retain the packaging.
If a package arrives damaged, keep the box and packaging. You’ll need it later if there is an investigation.
Step 3. Verify the value.
Send the invoice and/or estimated cost of repairs for the products, as well as proof of transportation costs, with your claims form.
Step 4. File claim in our UPS Portal.
If you’re a Parcel Pro customer download a claims form and send to:

Sometimes bad things happen to good cargo.

In the event this happens to you, we’re here to help.

Here’s what you can expect from UPS Capital:
An easy process to submit your InsureShield claim
Assignment of your claim to a dedicated adjustor
Review of your file and supporting documents
Claim status notifications

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