Racing the Clock

06-22-2022 • 1 min read
Perishable coverage protects Proof Alcohol Ice Cream’s shipments

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Proof Alcohol Ice Cream uses old family recipes to create its top-shelf bourbon-, moonshine- and rum-infused ice cream flavors.

Proof makes ice cream daily in small batches and delivers to retail partners, preferred distributors, and customers direct through its online store.

The Challenge
Timely delivery and protection for melted ice cream when there are delays

Proof races against the clock to ensure its ice cream is delivered to customers on time, no matter the season or location. Customer expectations are high because no one wants to receive melted ice cream.

“It was important to find an insurance policy that covers perishable goods in case of a delay. We have a world-class product and need a world-class insurance partner,” said Jenn Randall-Collins, CEO and co-founder of Proof Alcohol Ice Cream.

The Solution
Perishable coverage that reimburses the value of goods

InsureShield® shipping insurance gives Proof peace of mind that its customers and company are protected if the ice cream does not arrive frozen or on time.

“When customers receive their product and taste the first spoonful of perfectly frozen ice cream, they have this ‘aha!’ moment. We rely on UPS Capital for that experience,” said Jenn.

The Result
A high level of customer service while protecting the company’s bottom line

“We always say the proof is in the taste. In this case, the proof is in the partnership with UPS Capital,” Jenn said.

With InsureShield perishable coverage, Proof knows its customers are taken care of and the company is protected against losses.
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