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Claims FAQ

In the event that you experience a loss or damage, you must file a claim as soon as possible. This will provide the adjuster time to identify any needed steps or documentation so you can be paid in a timely fashion.

Each claim is different and as a result, may require different documents. However, almost all claims require proof of loss and documentation reflecting the value of the loss, such as an invoice or bill of sale. In addition, the following items may also be requested: freight invoice, packing list, replacement invoice, repair estimate, photos of the goods and packaging and, if lost, a police report or statement of non-receipt by the receiver.

You will receive a written acknowledgment of claim receipt by email promptly. In the event that you do not hear anything from our office within 5 business days of submitting your claim, feel free to call us at: +33 1 73 01 84 55 in order to confirm if we have received your claim.

a. Delay and or failure to provide any of the following information:
i. Evidence that there was a loss or damage to the goods.
ii. Evidence to support the value of the claim.
iii. Evidence to support that the loss occurred during transit.
b. Failure to provide any information or documents that have been requested in writing by a claims adjuster may cause the adjustment of your claim to be delayed or your claim to be denied.
c. In the event of a damage claim, failure to retain the damaged cargo or packaging may result in a delay in the adjustment of your claim or the denial of your claim.

We strive to review and process all covered claims expediently following initial receipt of your claim documentation. If additional information is needed in order to review your claim further, the adjuster will notify you in writing. Once your claim has been approved for payment, it will be paid in a timely manner. If you have received written notice that your claim has been processed, but have not received your payment in a timely manner, feel free to reach out to our office.

If you have claims for your jewelry, watches, gems shipments, please follow Parcel Pro® Select claims process. And for the other claims, you can follow the online claims process under InsureShield®

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