Our Story

Discover how we help businesses across the world.

Who We Are

UPS Capital® started in the United States in the 1990s as a financial services division to give businesses access to capital. And over time, our business expanded internationally and has evolved into services that help companies protect their in-transit goods. Our innovative insurance and enhanced carrier protection services help solve shipping problems and improve your customer experience in the wake of a shipping loss.

Why It Matters

Understanding customer needs and solving problems are at the heart of what we do. We offer protection for everything from car rims to apparel to medical equipment. In some markets, we even cover items not traditionally protected by carriers that require timely delivery or have a face value, such as live coral, gift cards and more.

How We Can Help

Today, we have shipping protection for goods of all sizes, value and shipping requirements. From single parcel and freight shipments to your entire supply chain, UPS Capital® offers comprehensive solutions that safeguard your business. We even offer services to support leading eCommerce platforms to better assist small and medium sized businesses selling to consumers. With leading insuretech and global supply chain expertise, you’ll get valuable insights to better understand risks and protect your supply chain.


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