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Remove the guesswork of insuring your shipments

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Ship insured with our integrated solutions

Insurance APIs give you flexible access to all-risk insurance coverage so you can insure shipments transactionally with an all-risk cargo policy that actually pays in the event of a loss and provides business insights to your losses. This solution puts you in control to determine which products, carriers, or values you want to cover.

With easily available options to insure their products, your customers get a sense of additional security, bringing more engagement and loyalty. And, you can leverage business rules to automate the process, providing consistent coverage and procedures are followed.

Explore Benefits

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Peace of mind

Customized coverage up to the full sales value, not one-size-fits-all carrier liability

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Choose what you want to cover with rules based on SKU, carrier, customer and more

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Cash flow

Pay as you cover your goods. No upfront premiums and claims that actually get paid, most within 4 days, helping ease cash constraints

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Supply chain insights

Claims data helps pinpoint risks with carriers, commodities and customers, helping you shore up your supply chain

Ready to take the next step?

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API Suite for third party logistics and channel partners

Provide your customers with all-risk coverage through a seamless integration in your shipment processing flow. Use this competitive advantage to drive a better end customer experience

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API Suite for small and medium businesses

Leverage APIs to create a customized coverage model for your business. Apply business rules to apply insurance coverage and pay transactionally as you insure.

Not ready for full integration?

Here’s additional ways to access insurance.

Batch File: Files are exchanged with UPS Capital on a daily schedule. UPS Capital then invoices you for premium payment.

Whole turnover policy: Purchase a policy that covers the modes, lanes and commodities you want covered and pay in monthly or quarterly installments.