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InsureShield® Connect

Transactional pay as you go insurance for parcel and freight shipments

Seamless Protection for Every Shipment

Your business is dynamic and so are your shipping needs. Get the flexibility you need across your supply chain.

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Peace of Mind

Custom coverage up to the full sales value, plus freight – not one size fits all carrier liability.

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Choose what you want to cover based on SKU, carrier, customer and more.

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Cash flow

No upfront premiums and get claims paid in days, not weeks.

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Supply Chain Insights

Claims data helps pinpoint risks with carriers, products, customers and more.

  • Digital pay-as-you-go insurance option covering all carriers and transportation modes.
  • Claim payment up to the invoice value of your goods plus shipping.
  • Coverage for concealed damage, expediting expenses, general average losses and more.
  • InsureShield® Analytics providing consolidated tracking and claims insights across insured shipments.
  • Monthly billing statements accessed through an online portal.
  • Different options to share your insured shipments – from no tech to APIs.

InsureShield® Connect

  • APIs

    Merge our APIs with your systems and set rules for coverage. This solution is ideal for businesses wanting ultimate flexibility and have the technology staff to support the API integration.

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  • Webhooks

    If you sell across marketplaces, you can get insurance coverage with this easy, low-code solution. This is ideal for businesses that use Shopify.

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  • Insureshield®
    Smart Upload

    Companies with limited technical resources can use InsureShield® Smart Upload to share insured transactions through a secure portal.

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Delivering a Better Experience

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Ready to take the next step?

API Suite for Third Parties

Provide your customers with all-risk coverage through a seamless integration into your shipment processing flow.

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API Suite for SMBs

Create a customized coverage model for your business through our APIs to pay transactionally as you insure

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Claims API Suite

Quickly submit claims directly to UPS Capital from your internal system. The API connection provides instant feedback and simplifies our claims process even further.

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