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Flexible insurance access to all-risk coverage

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Channel partners ship smart and easy with our integrated solutions

We provide access to APIs and developer instructions to enable seamless integration within your existing systems. Our APIs conform to the design principles of Representational State Transfer (REST).

Here’s how it works.

1Determine the rules you want to apply for your insurance coverage

2Receive tokens via UPS Capital email

3Input tokens to receive JSON code

4Integrate APIs into your platform

5Your goods are now protected with all-risk insurance coverage through one reliable source

Available APIs

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Purchase multi-carrier insurance coverage. Required insurance data will be transmitted between the customer’s user interface to the UPS Capital network.

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Request a quote and confirm shipments via your system based on order, invoice, or shipment details.

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This API allows customer to purchase a previously requested insurance quote by providing the necessary shipment and quote information.

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Our invoice API allows for customers to submit claim information and retrieve claim status. Get detailed invoice information by date.

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Provide and send payment remittance to UPS Capital through digital transaction.

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Ready to get started?

Download our developer guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve gathered some of the most commonly asked questions and provided answers to help you along the way

Integrating APIs

What code language are the APIs?

UPS Capital Transactional Cargo APIs are RESTful.

What are the required field validations?

View section 7.2 from the Developer Guide

What can I do if a required field is not captured through our current workflow?

Each field is described in the Developer Guide to advise what value is expected from the user. If a required field is described that you are currently not collecting, please add that field to your process or discuss an alternative suitable value with the UPS Capital sales engineer.

What APIs are required in order to receive insurance coverage?

In order to receive coverage on shipments transactionally and complete payment the partner must integrate with the Insurance API

Tech Support

Do you have a downloadable Developer’s Guide?

Yes, there are two versions: the Channel Partner guide or, the Small and Medium Business guide.

I am not able to connect using my UPS Capital token?

Tokens are case-sensitive. Verify you are using the proper endpoint URL provided on each API page. Ensure you have the correct bearer token and Client ID in your header for the environment you are attempting to access.

Where can I find my UPS Capital tokens?

Headers are provided via email from the UPS Capital solutions team.

Who do I contact for API integration questions?

For questions and help regarding your integration, please reach out to your sales representative directly or email