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From occasional shipments to policies for small packages, large cargo or coverage for high-value goods, we offer shipping insurance coverage that protects your goods from loss, damage or delay.

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Cash Flow

Enhance your bottom line with alternative financing solutions and payment services that meet the diverse needs of your customers.

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Protect against costly expenses associated with a cyberattack. And, get paid — even when your customer doesn’t pay you. And you thought we only insured shipping.

Why UPS Capital?

Nobody understands transportation and logistics like UPS. And while you’ve probably never thought of a UPS company for financing and insurance services, our global supply chain expertise uniquely positions us to help protect companies from risk, and leverage cash in their supply chains. Insurance companies and banks can’t say that.

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We’ve cut our losses, we’re saving money and the amount of back-office work is dramatically reduced. The best part is we can send replacement rugs to our customers immediately.

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I never thought I’d have a truck and a ship burst into flames. Without cargo insurance, we’d have been out nearly a million dollars.

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When you ship live animals across the country, you put a lot of faith in your shipper.

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Denied freight claims are frustrating. Learn why you may not be getting paid.

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Who says insurance and financial solutions have to be boring?

From cargo insurance to alternative financing, we’ve got customer stories and insights that won’t put you to sleep.

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Confidently enter new markets or take on unfamiliar customers knowing we’ve got your back. We’ll help you protect your goods and mitigate the increasing risks in today’s more complex supply chains.

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