Financial, Insurance & Payment Solutions for your Supply Chain.

Nobody understands transportation and logistics like UPS®. And while you’ve probably never thought of a UPS company for financing and insurance services, our global supply chain expertise uniquely positions us to help protect companies from risk and allows them to leverage cash in their supply chains. Insurance companies and banks can’t say that.

Maximize cash flow and minimize risks with our unmatched solutions.

From parcel and cargo insurance to trade finance and payment solutions, we offer a wide range of products and services designed to meet all of your supply chain needs. Below are just a few of the many we offer.

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Flexible Parcel Insurance

Protects your time and temperature-sensitive, perishable and other hard-to value items against loss, damage or delay and makes you whole by covering up to the full selling price, not just the value of the item like other transportation carriers.

Global Asset-Based Lending

Secure cash advances against foreign inventories, goods in transit, domestic receivables and inventory to free up funds that might otherwise be tied up in your supply chain. You’ll be able to increase your purchasing power by using more of your inventory as collateral than traditional asset-based lenders will allow.

Cargo Insurance

From the factory floor into your customer’s hands, we provide door-to-door coverage that goes beyond standard carrier liability limits and covers up to the retail cost of your goods in transit, regardless of the transportation mode or carrier.

High-Value Goods: Parcel Pro

Protect your high-value jewelry, diamonds and watch shipments against loss or damage with Parcel Pro, a subsidiary of UPS Capital.

Drive growth with our deep industry knowledge.

Explore the unique opportunities and challenges key industries face today and see how our specialized solutions and proven experience can help take your business further.


Roush Industries: UPS driving solutions

Roush Enterprises, one of the most recognizable global brands in the racing and performance industry relied on two separate third-party freight providers to ship goods ranging from raw materials to parts to vehicles. But, because of the extra paperwork and expenses of dealing with multiple providers, Roush looked for a better solution. What they found was the power of one. UPS offered everything they needed, including insurance to mitigate risks of a global supply chain.

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Protect Against Bad Debt Risk

Any sale carries risk—and it doesn’t take more than one or two bad debts to wipe out profits for the year. Protect your business by learning more about trade credit risk and insurance.

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International Availability

UPS Capital is constantly growing and expanding its presence all over the globe. See our international products and services that are currently available.

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